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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(*whispers* JYP...)

So I guess I can forgive JB and Jr for the disaster that was Dream High 2. I have to be honest, I kinda hated JB in Dream High 2, though I can realize it wasn't entirely his fault -  the script sucked. And Jr didn't leave a particular impression on me either. However, I think I'll have to reassess them now as they are making a debut with the cool tune "Bounce"

I actually quite like the song, it's catchy and combines together hip-hop and rock, probably two of my favourite music genres. Jr covers the hip-hop part, JB the rock part, and the chorus has a touch of club music feel to it. I didn't really expect that JB could actually carry a suitable voice for rock music, plus it is great to see both of them relaxed and in their element, not stiff like back in Dream High 2. Plus, Jr seems to possess a decent rapping skill - he has a good flow and plenty of attitude to go along with it. Another thing I like is that the few English lines in the song lyrics fit nicely and are all well pronounced. And the rest of the lyrics are also pretty okay as far as conveying the message of letting oneself loose goes. 

The music video is pretty cool and fun, though there isn't anything particularly distinct about it. Except...I can't really deny the fact that it bares similarities to Bang Yong Guk and Zelo's "Never Give Up", and this is pointed out by several Youtube commentators also. Both videos take place in a high school environment, have two guys blow off school lessons to join a crowd of youths in a sing-along, and feature dancing cheerleaders. Not to mention, the message and overall feeling of the two songs is similar as well. Yet, if I had to choose between the two songs then I would like "Bounce" more, even though I definitely dig BYG & Zelo rapping sequences.


The choreography involves a lot of jumping and head banging, which seems appropriate for this song as it is about having a good time and simply enjoying the music. The rest of the dancing looks cool and the modest wiggling-butt-movement brings some humor into the choreography.

Overall, I think that "Bounce" definitely can make you bang your head to the music and sing the chorus along, the song just has that catchy element in it. In my opinion the boys have gotten a nice start to their debut. I'm already waiting for their next single, which, I hope, will have the same laid-back atmosphere as "Bounce" has.

Oh, and the live performances just make me want to dance along. The boys bring good energy and attitude with them, plus their live rapping/singing sound very good. I think it would be even more awesome if it would be possible for the audience (and the viewers in Youtube) to rock and dance with them on the stage.

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