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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I usually don't follow boy groups as much as I do girl groups. My one love has always been Big Bang, but other boy groups are not really to my taste. Yet I am blown away by B.A.P, the new group that debuted this year with their single "Warrior". Though I didn't love the song itself, I loved the concept and the power that B.A.P had. Now they are back again with their new song "Power" and I'm loving them even more.

The song bares some similarities with "Warrior" as they both are very intense, powerful and aggressive. The rap sequences in "Power" by Zelo and Bang Yong Guk are as awesome as they were in "Warrior", but the vocals are better and more fitting in this song. The lyrics are about taking control and fighting against the world of today that only values the power of money. I do like the lyrics, but I am lost on the random English scattered around. "Everybody say hate you, one more say, hate you" makes me wonder who exactly they are hating and "Bomb, bomb, follow me" seems a bit weird also. Otherwise it's a pretty cool song.

The music video starts with the boys waking up in their space shuttle(?) and seem very angry to be awoken. It seems that their space ship has made a crash landing in a desert terrain(of a foreign planet maybe?). So obviously the boys start dancing aggressively, occasionally killing off their back-up dancers or each other by using their finger guns. Anyways all that doesn't really matter to me, as I can only look at the boys performing. The choreography is super cool, with, similarly to "Warrior", dance moves that imitate air-kicks, punches and gun shots. Plus there is a cool sequence where they use spray cans as special props to create a unique way to present their dancing abilities. I really really love their dancing style and I hope that B.A.P will put such effort in their dancing in their future songs also.

I also like how they boys are styled this time around. Though they looked really fierce in their "Warrior" promotions, it was pretty hard to separate them from each other due to all of them having the same hair colour. In "Power" each member has his own hairstyle and I'm diggin' them all (even Zelo's pink bubble gum hair). And the outfits are also fitting with the concept of the video. I'm glad that they are not dressed weirdly like boy groups often are in K-pop videos (pastel-coloured pants, furry hats, man aprons/skirts etc), but sport military themed costumes that are not too extreme or flamboyant.

Overall, I feel that B.A.P definitely stands out from the other boy groups for their strong dancing style and powerful songs. I especially like Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, who are great rappers and their attitude and confidence blows me away. Hopefully, the boys will continue to pursue their own unique style in the future because I'm really liking them.   

Here's the live performance at Music Bank, which is equally awesome:

Plus the special stage:

And promotinal posters of each of the members:

Bang Yong Guk

Jong Up
Young Jae

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  1. I LOVE B.A.P.'s hiphop infused with rock and a heavy dance beat. I have never really liked that genre, but am finding myself liking it more and more thanks to Epik High, Big Bang, and now B.A.P.

    This single is even more powerful than "Warrior" and makes me wonder just how they can keep topping each release. I am excitedly awaiting more from this group.

    I am really happy that they have more individualistic looks so I actually know who is who now. ;) BYG and Zelo are really great and the vocals of the others really complimented this song much more than they did in "Warrior"...although they have that random R&B part that doesn't fit with the rock/hiphop fusion, but it's still a lot better than their first single.
    And I am loving Himchan and Jongup ^_^

  2. I keep wondering myself whether they can keep up with these super powerful singles. I do hope to see them continue pursuing this hip-hop-rock style of music, it fits them well and sets them a apart from the rest of the newer boy groups.
    The vocals aren't bad, but they do not always fit with their songs. Hopefully, they will improve in time, and they were already better in "Power" than in "Warrior".
    Anyways, I'm still rooting for them.


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