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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sistar has never been among my favourite girl groups. I've always felt that their musical style just doesn't appeal to me. For instance I don't really know why their song "So Cool" was that popular, it did nothing for me. Though "Ma Boy" was more to my liking, it wasn't until I saw Hyorin in Dream High 2 that I started to acknowledge her vocal talent. But now I have to say that I'm kinda diggin their new song "Alone".

"Alone" has very nice vocals, though I couldn't really make out each voice separately and it seemed that Hyorin had the most singing parts. I liked the brief rapping towards the end and there were some unique parts that kept the song from being too boring. The song lyrics describe feeling alone after a break-up, with few English phrases scattered around. I think it's a pretty likable song and believe that Sistar fans are pleased.

I really like the concept for this song. The girls look very feminine and have just the right amount of sexiness. And I think that the stylist has done a great job with the costumes. It is easy go wrong with black leather and bright red if you want a sexy look. However, in this case the dresses cover enough skin in the torso area, but the skirt, combined with red heels, shows off their pretty legs, giving the girls enough seductiveness.

The music video is quite simple. There isn't a plot for the video, instead we are shown Sistar (in Las Vegas, by the way) dancing, occasionally sitting in the back seat of an immobile car, and then hanging out in a (completely deserted) club, posing near the bar area. What I do like is the choreography. It is very fitting for the song, as well as for the costumes - it is sexy, yet there is no unnecessary rubbing or wiggling or exposure. And I love their seductive leg movements here.

The girls look pretty and everything is shot beautifully in the video that I can't really complain about anything particular...OR...maybe I can. The thing is that the girls have (fake) tattoos drawn on them, and one member, whose name I don't know, has an artistic writing on her thigh saying: “Forget things which has been sore with you”. Yeah, that does not make any sense. And I'm not the only one in this, Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi also noticed it in their K-charts video. Really, if you're going to have a tattoo in foreign language you need to spellcheck it, and that also goes for the Chinese/Japanese characters. Other then that, I'm quite okay with the video.

The live performance is also enjoyable: 

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  1. I haven't really liked a whole lot of their songs [I did love their "How Dare You" or something to that effect] and didn't understand why "Ma Boy" and "So Cool" were so popular, but I knew they had talent although Hyorin seems to get the most lines, which is sad considering there are only FOUR people in this group. I LOVE this song. But the dance... I don't know why, I can't dig the dance at all. Every time I watch them perform this song all I can think of is they look like they need to use the bathroom... It's weird. And I hate it when girl groups [and some boy groups] do the weird, angled poses with their rears sticking out [like Sistar did in "So Cool"] as that just looks awkward to me.
    And does anyone know why when groups perform they actually have back-up vocalists or at least pre-recorded parts of the song that they don't sing to at all? Yes, the age of lip-synching idols has been over for awhile, but I really find it odd that groups [especially larger ones] have parts where you can tell not a single one of them is singing, but there is SOMEONE singing... SOMEWHERE and since sometimes you can tell the voice is one of the singers' then why aren't they singing that part live?

  2. To NeeNee:

    I myself really like the dance, but I can see your point that they do look like they have to go to the bathroom.
    I have always thought that they don't sing some parts in live performances because those parts have been recorded with different voices and sounds overlapping and it would just not sound the same if they sang it live. And for example also autotuned parts. But that's just my guess, I don't really know for sure.

  3. I absolutely hate this dance....but love the song lol. I'm not a very big fan of SISTAR, but this whole mini-album was very good in my opinion (minus Girls on Top).

  4. Am I really the only one who likes the dance? :D
    I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but perhaps I should..

  5. I really like this song and which it was available for download on Amazon in the US. It reminds me a lot of some of the songs that girl groups from motown recorded. I thought the dancing was very sexy and the ladies are obviously gorgeous. I hope they do more work like this in the future as I think this was much more sophisticated than their prior work that I have seen and could establish a niche for them that would appeal more to adults. I wonder how well they would do singing an entire song in English? Unfortunately to break into the US market if they don't sing in English it will be very hard crossover beyond a small niche audience. Though K-Pop acts have been successful in countries where the lyrics are not in the native language.

    1. I also think that Sistar should make more music similar to this song. I didn't care for them before, but with "Alone" I can see how talented they really are. This kind of style fits them well.

      I personally enjoy K-pop in Korean. I am proud of K-pop singers whenever they sing full songs in English, but at the end of the day I like Korean more. It feels more genuine and natural. I know there has been a lot of talk about K-pop breaking into the U.S. but I'm afraid that K-pop would get ruined if they were to adjust themselves to American audiences. I like K-pop the way it is, even though I make fun of the Engrish and guyliners and crazy costumes.


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