Sung Joon and Jo Boa for Céci

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Being such a sucker I am for Shut Up: Flower Boy Band I just had to post these recent fashion shoot photos of our lead pairing in the drama. Jo Boa and Sung Joon are dressed in fresh spring fashion for the Céci spread.
While it is somewhat strange to see Sung Joon in these preppy clothes (totally different from the look he's sporting in Shut Up), I love the sporty jackets and those classic jeans with colorful kicks. Of course, hipster glasses are a must. And Jo Boa looks soo adorable and mischievous here. Not to mention the cool setting with retro elements. 

My favourite. Jo Boa looks so tiny and cute, and Sung Joon shows his trademark smirk.

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