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Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is my mini song review for Nine Muses "Ticket", which was released on March 7, 2012.

I usually don't follow these less popular girl groups like Rainbow, Dal Shabet, Chocolat etc. Not necessarily because I don't find them to be good, but because I just don't hear their music on a regular basis. The same with Nine Muses. The only song I knew before "Ticket" was "Give me", and that was because it was included in Prosecutor Princess drama OST. And well..honestly, that song had some pretty awkward Engrish in it so I couldn't really listen to it.  

But when it comes to "Ticket" I feel that Nine Muses have been evolving for the better. I can see them becoming more popular with this song. Though, the concept of the song reminds me of SNSD/Girls Generation, but the sexier version. Kind of like the poor man's SNSD. Now, I don't want to make premature judgements based on one song only, but I do see some similarities. Girls Generation usually have a lot of hand/arm movements in their choreography, so does "Ticket (with that crazy-impossible arm twirling). Also, one set of the outfits in the video reminds me of "Genie", with the military-themed detailings and tiny shorts, the other set has similar colour themes to "Taxi" costumes. Whether this was intentional I do not know.

Luckily, the song itself bares no apparent similarities to SNSD (I want Nine Muses to have their own identity rather than being compared to other groups). It is a catchy song with a fun beat and rhythm. There are few rap lines thrown in between, but mostly it is a fast paced song that doesn't really break down in parts. I actually quite like it compared to other rookie girl group songs released recently. It is fun, upbeat and danceable. And thankfully there isn't any embarrassing Engrish in the lyrics that could stray me away from listening.

Here is the music video, train station being the theme of the set. It's an okay video, but I would like some personality to it. The mandatory dance sequences and close-up shots of the members just doesn't do enough for me, especially as it reminds me more of SNSD.

And a live performance:

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