Lyn - Back In Time (The Moon Embracing The Sun OST)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Have you ever fallen in love with a OST song of a drama you don't follow, but then realizing that you could not fully enjoy it without watching the drama series as well? Well, I have. 

I've been hearing Lyn's "Back in time" non-stop on K-pop charts on Youtube and at one point I started listening it myself. This song quickly enchanted me. It is a really beautiful song that gets you right at the heart. It has a lovely melody that combines various musical instruments (piano, flute), and a very powerful chorus with superb vocals. I'm not the type to be very into dramatic ballads, but before I had read the lyrics I felt that the song had that epic-love-story attractiveness to it that I even I was drawn towards. 

The song kind of reminds me of Lee Sun Hee's "Fox rain" (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho OST). Both are OST songs, both have a magical fairytale feel, both songs are carried by emotional female vocals, and both urged me to watch the drama series they were featured in. I guess, some drama OST songs simply deserve more recognition, and I think "Back in time" is one of those, along with "Fox rain".

There isn't a real music video for the song since it is only a part of a drama soundtrack. However, I did provide a fan MV I found in Youtube with scenes from The Moon Embracing The Sun. Enjoy:

And, of course, a live performance at M! Countdown:

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  1. I love the song so much. My story is totally opposite from you since I first heard this song through the drama lol
    but nevertheless, I totally fell in love with song, and every time I hear this song I feel heartache.

    By the way, Lyn just released a new song called 'Breaking Heart' it's also quite nice :D

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check "Breaking Heart" out :)


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