2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have never really listened to 2AM. Back in the day I used to think that 2AM and 2PM were actually the same group (yeah, I have my moments of plain ignorance). But now 2AM seems to make news all over Allkpop and Soompi. Whether it's Jinwoon with his Dream High 2 appearances, or Jo Kwon dancing 2ne1's "I am the best" in TV-shows, or just the group releasing it's new album F. Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love.

The song "I wonder if you hurt like me" is quite the typical 2AM song - a ballad with beautiful soulful vocals and sad lyrics. And though the song doesn't completely do it for me, I do like the "ohh oh oh oh ohh" part that gives that little extra we need. It has lyrics that convey the feelings one goes through after a painful break-up. The memories of the relationship haunting long after the separation and then going through the pain all over again. So this is a really depressing tune, but at least a pretty one.

The music video is a work of art, in my opinion. I love the symbolic nature of the whole video plot. The main theme is "memories".

(SPOILERS for the video below) It starts with Jinwoon stepping into a tiny little magic shop with an old man as the owner. Jinwoon sits down and hands the old guy a small piano-shaped music box, telling him how he still can't forget about his girlfriend after a year since the break-up. It is hinted that the old guy can help him forget by erasing the memories that are connected with the music box. He turns on the music box.
Then the song starts and we are shown Jinwoon sitting in a room, with photographs spread around, and presumably reading the past love letters. He goes around the room looking at the photos and remembering the memories of him and his girlfriend. And then all the photographs and letters have their images and writings erased with only blank sheets remaining. While he cries and tries to write on one of the letters the pen in his hand also fades away. Depressed, he falls asleep.
When Jinwoon awakens he looks at a closet in the room and goes to open it....and...it turns out that he has imprisoned his poor girlfriend there(!)...yeah, not really....the girl in the closet is actually a symbolic take on the memory of her. He carries her and puts her in a chair, but when he tries to hug her, she shatters. And the photos that are left of her are all erased. Jinwoon falls on his knees and dramatically grabs his heart. Then, in the close-up shot we see his girlfriends figure in his eye that turns to leave. He stands up and walks few steps before he is also shattered into tiny pieces. it is interesting that he himself also disappears along with the memory of her, as if there was no him if there was no her.
In the very last scene the old man in the shop stands up from his chair and leaves the shop, while the tiny piano-shaped music box is left on the table, but there's no music playing anymore.

All in all, this is really a pretty music video that perfectly conveys the message of the song. The effects are superb and Jinwoon acts well in the video. It is a good example how to make a sad video without turning it into a mini-drama (*cough* T-ara *cough*). If I was a 2AM fan I think I would be so very pleased with this song and the video. The money for creating this is definitely money well spent.

The live performance isn't that spectacular (there's only so much you can do on stage while singing a ballad) but here it is: 

And album jacket photos of each member:

Jo Kwon

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