Big Bang, T.O.P and Lee Min Ki for High Cut, Vogue and Cosmopolitan

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yay! I love when my love for fashion is combined with my favourite Asian stars. Big Bang, T.O.P and Lee Min Ki are the fabulous models for Cosmopolitan, Vogue and High Cut. I just couldn't not share these with you because they're so awesome and so fierce.

March issue of Cosmopolitan featuring T.O.P...

...and Lee Min Ki.

Lee Min Ki totally rocks this hair colour.

The March issue of Vogue featuring Big Bang who are currently preparing for their comeback in March. They are sporting new hairstyles and a new image.

Seungri and Daesung going all Rocky here.

High Cut February editions with T.O.P.
I love that pout.
Spidey gloves have never looked as cool...

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  1. Do you ever see T.O.P. and think Vulcan? Totally random and just wondered. Love his looks here. I love the all-blonde Lee Min Ki, but so didn't like the weird hairstyle of the first picture. And Daesung and blonde-blonde hair? They don't match well. I really do like G-Dragon's interesting style.

  2. @NeeNee:
    Vulcan...? Interesting thought there...

    I think fashion shoots always go a bit crazy and out the ordinary to get that WOW-effect. I find T.O.P. and Lee Min Ki really suitable for these kinds of shoots beacuse they can look good even if they are styled strangely.

    I'm not sure about Big Bang's new hairstyles, but I will say this - if they can't pull it off then noone can.


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